Pre-service Training

Wow. It’s been a really busy month or so.

I recommend you check out these video blogs by a good friend here – they’re video montages of training so far.

I think so much has been going on that I”m not even sure what to write about. Training is pretty intensive – we have technical program training and language training just about every day. A lot of the stuff we’ve been talking about is geared toward working in schools which came as a surprise to most of the Youth Development volunteers but we’ve also had the opportunity to see plenty of other projects that have been taken up by current volunteers that are not so focused on the school setting which is really encouraging to see.

Today I”m leaving for Field Based Training – I’ll be in Ancash for a week and when I get back on that Wednesday I”ll find out my actual site placement for the two years.

Grecia’s been just as busy as I’ve been – her internship is an all day thing plus farmers market on the weekends and she’s about to start a job at Whole Foods.

There’s been a lot going on but those video montages really sum up a lot of the training experience I’ve had so far. I wish I had more to say right now but.. I don’t.

Big shout out to my friends Layla and Aaron Padgett who within the coming months will be starting their own journey teaching English in Micronesia. Best of luck to both of you, I can’t wait to her all about your stories!! I’ll post a link to their blog when I get it.

Thanks to my amazing support system back in the states (especially Grecia, Mom and Dad, Sarah and Chris, Greg, Diana, Steven and Brandon) for keeping me grounded during this whole experience – there’s much more to come!

Until next time.


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